Acer shirasawanum Aureum is known as the ‘Golden Full Moon Maple’ an older cultivar in the same genus as Autumn Moon, Jordan, Kawaii and Moonrise. Shirasawanum refers to Full Moon maples that include the four mentioned above plus Johin, Mikado, Red Dawn, and Shira Red.  All shirasawanum maples can be identified by looking at the flowers and subsequent seed pods [samaras]. If they point up rather than hang down then it is a shirasawanum maple – palmatum species hang down.

A small to medium sized tree with wonderful color throughout the growing season. The new spring growth is an exquisite lime green. Summer color is a golden yellow-green with a tinge of red along the edges of each leaf. Fall color is gold to orange to crimson evolving on all the leaves. The Golden Full Moon Maple is a spectacular tree though very slow growing. Typically it takes 5-6 years to grow a 3 gallon size.

Recommended sun exposure is in the morning with some shade protection in the hot afternoon sun. Fall colors are some of the best ranging from gold to orange to crimson often on each individual leaf. This cultivar is highly desired for a smaller partial shade garden. Placement in either a Northern or Eastern location would be best. Aureum is an extremely slow grower and may reach 5′ in 10 years.  Once established hardy to -20, USDA Zone 5.

The first photo shows a 7 gallon Aureum sold last year at the nursery. The next two photos are courtesy of  Buchholz Nursery showing spring leaf color with flowers and fall leaf color.  The next two photos show my specimen in the spring and again in the fall. Finally a 3 gallon sold in 2018.

Limited Inventory – At the nursery I will have several 6 and 7 gallon size Aureum maples that will be for sale on-site and at local plant sales. I sell out each year so if you live in my area hurry in to grab yours.  Also some 2 gallon size may be available in April/May 2019 – others won’t be available until later in the summer. The 2 gallons average between 16″ and 22″. These maples grow slow and sell fast.