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SALE -High grafts of Yuki yama – A collector’s choice.

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Acer palmatum Yuki yama is a extremely slow growing dwarf maple.  Yuki yama means ‘Snow on the Mountain’ in Japanese.

Acer palmatum Yuki yama is a very rare dwarf maple with pink and white variegation in the spring.  And was most likely was a chance seedling from  Mikawa yatsubusa.  As the leaves emerge they overlap each other and form tight bunches, like Mikawa yatsubusa, Mayday, Tattoo and Japanese Princess

Yuki yama should be grown in a small container and kept on the dry side with no direct sunlight. A patio or deck with indirect light is best for this little cutie.  I think this maple could live in a 5-6″ container for at least 2 or more years. The new growth is primarily pink and white changing to white and green. Some leaves remain green. The leaves are small, as is the overall structure of this little gem.  Fall color shows hints of crimson. 

Estimated new growth is 1-2″ per year. The pint size containers called Euro Pots are small and the price is high. Yuki yama is a collector’s maple. The estimated maturity in 10 years for a low graft is 1′ tall. Yuki yama will not be discounted and the numbers are limited. Two gallon root pouches are now available – estimated to be 8-9 years old.

Additionally, slow growing maples require less water than fast growing ones. When you plant a slow growing dwarf cultivar in a container please remember to not oversize the container for the size of the root ball and use less water than you normally would.  Yuki yama is not forgiving if you violate this basic standard. Refunds and replacements are not offered for this cultivar. 

Container grown maples need more protection from cold temperatures below 20 degrees. The roots of maples can die at 16 degrees F. So it is best to move all your smaller containers to an unheated garage or shed if you live in a cold winter climate. I do not recommend this cultivar for zones 5 and 6 without extreme protection. 

Limited availability – Available now are high grafts with larger root stock. Two gallon Yuki yama are sold out. 

First two photos are courtesy of Buchholz Nursery. The third photo shows those maples with high grafts.

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5" Euro Pot Low Graft, 5" Euro Pot Hi Graft, 2 gallon


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