Acer palmatum Peve Starfish

//Acer palmatum Peve Starfish

Acer palmatum Peve Starfish


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Acer palmatum Peve Starfish is a really fun maple – unique I would say and yes the leaves are shaped like ‘starfish’.


Acer palmatum Peve Starfish is a wonderful new maple for my nursery and I must admit I have fallen for this cutie. With the name ‘Peve’ you know it was developed and introduced in the Netherlands aka Denmark.  This is a really fun maple – unique I would say. Peve Starfish is described on some websites as an upright maple with a broad stocky form – which I can’t quite picture in my head when I look at this clever maple.

In the spring, pink-red, downward curving leaves resemble a starfish. Summer color is a dark purple that changes in the fall to an intense pink-red again all the while keeping the starfish look.  This quirky and distinct maple delights all who see it. So unusual most people don’t believe it is a Japanese Maple – well it is! Be the first one in your area to own such a memorable maple.

Peve Starfish can handle sun to partial shade in well-drained soil. This maple is estimated to grow up to 9-10′ tall in 10 years without any pruning.  Peve is also hardy to -20 degrees, USDA zone 5.  For more information on growing Japanese Maples please see  Care and Maintenance of Japanese Maples.

Limited availability – 1 and 2 gallon size Peve Starfish will be available April/May 2019.

First photo is a Peve Starfish in my inventory with spring color. The second photo is courtesy of Buchholz Nursery.

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