Acer palmatum Peve Multicolor is another cultivar developed in The Netherlands – others include Peve Stanley, Peve Dave, and of course Peve Starfish. I love all the Peve’s but my two favorites are Peve Multicolor and Peve Starfish. Both are in my top 10 favorite JMs.

Peve Multicolor is a dwarf maple with thin branches and a bushy upright form. The leaves are somewhat smaller than most palmatum maples with five serrated and pointed lobes. Some of the leaves are reticulated and some are not. You never know what look you will get from one year to another which is so exciting. Foliage is green frosted with pink and white and sometimes a yellow tint. Fall color is scarlet red. This Peve prefers morning sun with shade in the afternoon in well-drained soil. If clay is a problem, please mound the area so that the roots stay above the clay. Estimated to be 6′ tall x 3′ wide in 10 years. Once established hardy to -20 degrees, USDA zone 5.

Be prepared to see variations in the summer leaf color from year to year. If large areas of solid green leaves appear it usually indicates too much fertilizer and/or water. Pruning is recommended to shape a maple like Peve Multicolor or any other JM that has a lot of foliage.  For more information see Pruning Japanese Maples.

The first photo of Peve Multicolor courtesy of Buchholz  Nursery. The other photos are from the Peve Multicolor maples in my inventory.