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Sold Out – Acer palmatum Mayday is a rare Mikawa offspring with pink and orange spring color turning to light green in the summer.

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Acer palmatum Mayday is a very slow growing maple. The one and two gallon size maples are small and the price is high. Mayday will not be discounted and the numbers are limited.

Acer palmatum Mayday is a rare dwarf maple with pink and orange colored leaves in the spring.  Mayday was a chance seedling from  Mikawa yatsubusa.  However, it is more like Japanese Princess – also related to Mikawa it too is a very slow growing cultivar.  Mayday grows with an irregular form like Mikawa. As the leaves emerge they overlap each other and form tight bunches. The structure of the trunk is not quite as twisted as it’s parent Mikawa. But it still has the same knobby look.  

Acer palmatum Mayday, when grown in some sun shows pink and orange spring color. The color fades to blonde-green by early summer. Fall color transitions from yellow to orange and sometimes crimson. Morning sun in well-drained soil is preferred with some shade during the late afternoon in the hottest climates. However,  some sunshine is necessary to bring out the orange and pink color in the leaves. Too much shade and the leaves will be primarily light green. 

Estimated size is 3′ tall by 3′ wide in 10 years. This is a perfect maple to plant in a container where you can enjoy it’s beauty on a patio or deck. Once established in the ground this cultivar is hardy to -20 degrees. USDA zone 5. Container grown maples need more protection from cold temperatures below 20 degrees. The roots of maples can die at 16 degrees F. So it is best to move your containers to an unheated garage or shed if you live in a cold winter climate. Additionally, slow growing maples require less water than fast growing ones. When you plant a slow growing cultivar in a container please remember to not oversize the container for the size of the root ball and use less water than you normally would. Please see Container Growing.

Japanese Maples like good drainage, in fact they require good drainage or root rot may develop and weaken the maple. When a maple or any other tree is weakened it is more susceptible to disease such as Verticillium wilt or Pseudomonas. Good drainage can be an issue if you have clay in your soil. For this reason I recommend you check out Planting Japanese Maples, Care and Maintenance of Japanese Maples, and Mounding Japanese Maples. The healthiest and happiest maple is one that is planted in the right location and the right way.

Acer palmatum Mayday – like any Japanese Maple may require some pruning to form the structure of the tree and to remove dead branches.  For more information on pruning your maples please see Pruning Japanese Maples. Mayday was discovered and introduced by Talon Buchholz for his Flora Wonder ™ Collection at Buchholz Nursery.

Limited Availability – Mayday is very slow growing so naturally the 1 and 2 gallon size containers are small. Mayday does not travel well in a box. Five to 7 days is too much for this cultivar – it requires a shorter shipping time.  Therefore, shipping will be limited to 3 days in a box. If regular FedEx Home Delivery options are longer, customers will be asked to pay the additional cost for FedEx Express.

Limited availability – 5″ Euro pots 

The first two photos of Mayday are courtesy of Garen Rees – who talked me into selling him my first one several years ago. The next two are courtesy of Buchholz Nursery.  And the final photo shows a large 1 gallon size with summer color.

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