Acer palmatum Lima Gold


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Sold out – Acer palmatum Lima Gold is a miniature maple that can handle full sun to partial shade.

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Acer palmatum Lima Gold is a dense miniature maple with tiny yellow-gold leaves in spring. Depending upon the amount of sunlight in the summer the color varies between yellow-green and solid green. Fall color starts out yellow and changes to orange and possibly red. This maple can handle full sun to partial shade. Because of the tiny leaves, Lima Gold is perfect for bonsai. It also looks good if grown in a container. And it is simply a great miniature maple for that smaller space in your garden or as a block in front of a heat-pump or A/C unit because it only grows to 2 1/2′ tall and wide in 10 years.

Lima Gold like all maples requires good drainage. In fact this is the most most important aspect of planting your maple besides the amount of sunlight it receives. Planting in a hole in clay soil can be a killer. To learn about handling clay soil – please see Planting Japanese Maples and Mounding Japanese Maples. Additionally, ongoing care of your maples is important to maximize their long lasting beauty. I recommend reading Care and Maintenance of Japanese Maples and Pruning Japanese Maples to understand how and when trimming your maple should occur. The more you know, the more you will appreciate these amazing and adaptable landscape trees. Once established this maple is hardy to -20 degrees. USDA zone 5. 

If you love Japanese Maples as much as I do, you can learn more about them by joining the Facebook  Group – Japanese Maples and Conifers. It is free to join – you just have to be a Facebook member. The contributors to the group have a wealth of experience and post many photos. The contributors to the group have a wealth of experience and post many photos.  This is what I value the most – learning about variations of growth, leaf size and color in different sections of the USA and around the world. I often participate in the discussions.

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Photos courtesy of Buchholz Nursery.

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