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Sold Out – Acer shirasawanum Jordan is a wonderful ‘Full Moon Maple’ with ever-changing color from spring through fall.

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Jordan is another Full Moon Maple that was most likely a random seedling from its cousin the Golden Full Moon Maple – Aureum.  Shirasawanum maples can be identified by looking at the flowers and subsequent seed pods [samaras].  If  the samaras point up rather than hang down it is a shirasawanum – palmatum species hang down.

Jordan is a moderate growing maple that provides an alternative to the Aureum. Similarities include the same larger leaves and the lime green color coveted by maple lovers.  Jordan’s popularity strives from how much faster it grows that Aureum.  It also grows more upright without long side branches so it is more narrow. Aureum grows as wide as it is tall.

Acer shirasawanum Jordan is medium sized tree with wonderful color throughout the growing season. The new growth is a little more of a lemon color than Aureum.  Fall colors are exquisite from yellow to gold, orange and scarlet. This cultivar is highly desired because of the rapid growth – compared to Aureum and the wonderful yellow/lime green spring color. Jordan may reach 9-10′ tall and 4′ wide in 10 years. Once established hardy to -10 degrees, USDA Zone 6.

Some online sellers and garden centers advise that Jordan can handle more sun without burning as an Aureum would.  I tried growing Jordan in more sunlight than I would Aureum, but the results were not satisfactory. After three summers with mostly sun in Washington State the top leaves still burned. I moved my Jordan to  a shadier location.

So I would not recommend all day sun, but shade in the afternoon. I guess for me the best look for this maple is late summer and early fall when each leaf is like a stained glass window.

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The three photos show spring to late summer and early fall color that Jordan is famous for – all three were in my container inventory. 

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