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Acer palmatum Geisha is a beautiful but finicky maple that likes dry roots.

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Acer palmatum Geisha is a wonderful pink from spring through summer turning scarlet in the fall. Geisha as a cultivar has been around for a number of years and is listed in J.D. Vertrees book Japanese Maples, 2nd edition. Initially from New Zealand and imported by Talon Buchholz of Gaston, OR. This cultivar Ideal sunlight would be morning through mid-afternoon with some shade protection during the hottest part of the day. Geisha is a slow growing cultivar and often grafted high on standard for a better display of color. The signature variegation is a dark green contorted spot on a leaf and sometimes the whole leaf is contorted. Estimated height in 10 years is 5′. Once established Geisha is hardy to -10 Climate zone 6.

Acer palmatum Geisha needs excellent drainage to grow. Too much water for this beauty can be lethal and she is very unforgiving. Collector’s only please as Geisha is very temperamental. One of the original Geisha maples imported by Talon Buchholz developed a sport which he then grafted to create a totally new cultivar – which he named Geisha Gone Wild.  This new cultivar had many of the same similarities as Geisha including the dark green contorted leaf, but it was much easier to grow. In addition, the pink leaves were now variegated with a whitish-cream color.

If you love Japanese Maples as much as I do, you can learn more about these amazing trees by joining the Facebook  Group – Japanese Maples and Conifers. It is free to join – you just have to be a Facebook member. The contributors to the group have a wealth of experience and post many photos.  No question is dumb – you will not be criticized for lack of knowledge, rather you will get a variety of opinions from all over the country. This is what I value the most – learning about variations of growth, leaf size and color in different sections of the USA and around the world. I often participate in the discussions.

Limited availability – one of the four 3 gallon Geisha maples listed in my inventory is grafted high on standard is available at the nursery. She is too big to ship.

Photo shows the pink of Geisha.

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