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Acer palmatum Coral Pink


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Acer palmatum Coral Pink is slow growing to 6′ tall and wide in 10 years. Prefers mostly shade.

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Acer palmatum Coral Pink is a dwarf upright maple with lovely, soft variegation. In the spring the leaves show a soft pink color that turns to light green with hints of pink in the summer. Fall color is hot pink to crimson red. Coral Pink cannot tolerate full sun without burning. Early morning sun with afternoon shade is preferred.  This slow growing maple may reach 6′ tall and wide in 10 years and is hardy to -10 degrees, USDA zone 6. This maple and can be grown in an ornamental container or planted directly into the ground. If potted the maple can be moved to an unheated garage or shed for winter protection in zones 5 and 6.

Acer palmatum Coral Pink requires some pruning to establish a shape that enhances the overall look of the maple. Pruning is the key to get the look and shape you want. With consistent pruning you can create a tight maple that will hold its shape for years to come and give you the best display of color. Pruning the tips of the branches every couple of years increases the number of branches and hence more leaves. Maples with a more open tree-like structure require less pruning.  For more information on this topic see Pruning Japanese Maples.

Very limited availability – 1 gallon Coral Pink maples will be available May/June 2020.

First photo shows spring color, the second photo displays the transition color from spring to summer. Both are  courtesy of Buchholz Nursery. The last photo shows fall color from a Coral Pink in my display garden.

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