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Beni otake in Japanese means Big Red Bamboo with is a good description. A beautiful addition to any landscape area, especially a Japanese style garden.

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Acer palmatum Beni otake spring leaves are pink-red changing to solid red in early summer. Fall color is fire-engine red. This Beni likes full sun and really is stunning when in direct sunlight. It is a medium sized red leaf maple whose name in Japanese is ‘Red Bamboo’. This moderate growing upright maple is in the linearilobum group of maples – which means they have skinny leaves.¬† Beni otake often has flowers changing to red seedpods or samaras as they are known on Japanese Maples.

Acer palmatum Beni otake is most glorious when fall turns the leaves crimson-red – together with the red samaras hanging down – it is really like a beautiful Christmas tree. All you need to do is add some tiny white twinkling lights which look good even after the leaves have dropped.

This cultivar grows to around 10′ in 10 years. Eventually, Beni otake may reach 12′ at full maturity. The growth habit is very nice and evenly balanced making Beni otake a wonderful addition to a smaller garden area. Once established this cultivar is hardy to USDA zone 5.

If you love Japanese Maples as much as I do, you can learn more about these amazing trees by joining the Facebook  Group РJapanese Maples and Conifers. It is free to join Рyou just have to be a Facebook member. The contributors to the group have a wealth of experience and post many photos. No question is dumb Рyou will not be criticized for lack of knowledge. Rather you will get a variety of opinions from all over the country. This is what I value the most Рlearning about variations of growth, leaf size and color in different sections of the USA and around the world. I often participate in the discussions.

First photo shows the fall color of Beni otake leaves – crimson red. Second photo shows wonderful string-like leaves of Beni otake in spring. Photos courtesy of Buchholz Nursery.

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